Happy Birthday Jet Li!

Philanthropist, Martial Artist, and movie star, Jet Li is one of the greats. If you’ve ever seen one of his interviews, he seems like a guy you’d love to talk with about world peace over a cup of tea or something. If you’ve ever seen him fight, he seems like a guy you’d want every government to have on a call list to stop terrorism. One of the sweetest/most epic people in the industry. Check out some of his films and see that I’m right!


Happy Birthday Steven Seagal!

At age 17, he moved from Michigan to Japan to teach English. Then he ended up being a black belt in multiple Martial Arts and working as an MA instructor, body guard, and fight choreographer for films. Eventually he started working in front of the camera as an actor and soon became a household name. That’s not even the half of his accomplishments. If you aren’t familiar, check him out! He’s a beast. Today he is 64 years old.